July 22, 2007

Hospitals are depressing.

The most depressing place on Earth has got to be a hospital. Sickness and death everywhere. I don't know how my dad can stand working at a place like that. I probably couldn't last more than five minutes working at a hospital.

For much of the last week my eighty-five-year-old grandfather has been incarcerated at Virtua hospital in Voorhees. It's a long, complicated story and I'll spare you the details; but he's got a problem going "number two."

He's still his feisty, crotchety, old self, but it's a little sad seeing the ol' man in that condition. I know this isn't "The End," but still...

If there's one thing I'm absolutely sure of it's this: when I get this old (if I get that old), this is NOT how I want to live.



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