February 2, 2008

The Wing Bowl is still decadant and depraved.

We arrived in the parking lot of Citizens Bank Park at around 5:30AM. It was cold and drizzling. As we walked from the car, shotgunning my third Coors Light, I saw the damnedest thing. At the corner of the Spectrum, huddled against the entrance, there was a man lying down. Passed out. Smashed. No, he wasn't homeless -- or at least he didn't look homeless.

A few moments later, his buddies came over to wake his drunk ass up. Turns out, he and his buddies from Drexel had been tailgating since 10:00 the previous night, and this poor fellow (who probably didn't look any older than 19) had had a few too many sips of ol' grandpa's cough syrup.

Welcome to the Wing Bowl: "The world's largest indoor sausage party." Where else will you find 20,000 (mostly) men gather before the crack of dawn to see a chicken wing eating contest?

Yeah, right. The Wing Bowl is much more than just a bunch of fat dudes gorging on chicken. It's an excuse to get smashed on a weekday and ogle skanky women from various "gentlemen's" clubs/steak houses.

If you're not from Philadelphia, you'll never get, nor completely understand the Wing Bowl. So I won't even try. Here are some clips from FOX 29.

A.J. Daulerio (formerly of Deadspin) of Philadelphia Magazine filed this report.
philly.com's Wing Bowl coverage.



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