October 23, 2007

Soccer in Philly/Chester: It's going to happen!

Well, would you look at that? 20,000+ all-seater, right on the waterfront and next door to the Commodore Barry. Beautiful!

All we need now is a club to play in it! But from what I heard in Media yesterday, this appears to be a mere formality.

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August 30, 2007

Invasion of Met Fans.

The 300/400 Level at Citizen's Bank Park (especially in right field) has assumed the mantle of The 700 Level.

At first, the hooliganism was blamed on such youth-skewed promotions as "Dollar Dog Night" and "College Night." But with the Mets in town -- and with them thousands of "Met Fan" -- you knew something like this was gonna happen.

Which got me to ponder. Philadelphia is a city that is just taylor-made for soccer. Especially the accompanying soccer hooliganism.

(Sorry about the crappy Euro-techno music.) We all know none of these clowns could hang in the 300/400 level. But on the other hand, these Italian hools...

Just how awesome would it be if The Linc were like that for a Eagles game. Much respect, from this side of the pond.

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August 10, 2007

David Beckham .. Played for 21 Minutes

I was seriously considering driving down to DC just to tailgate with the other Sons of Ben.  But alas, I had other committments.

Nice to see the United fans "welcoming" the Missus though.

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July 20, 2007

I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal.

For the six people that have already e-mailed me asking that if the "Chris Harris, 33, of Barrington N.J." that was quoted on page A16 of today's (Friday, July 20) Philadelphia Inquirer, is me; yes it is. How many other people named Chris Harris do you know anyway?

I went to the Sons of Ben MLS All-Star Game viewing party last night, and some guy from the Inquirer asked me a few questions about a possible expansion team, and a soccer-specific stadium on the waterfront in Chester.

It was a front-page story, but my quote is after the jump.

"I've been waiting for almost 10 years for a professional soccer team to come here," said Chris Harris, 33, of Barrington N.J. "It would be nice if it (a soccer-specific stadium) would be in the city. But if that (Chester) is the only place they can build a first-class stadium, then it would be OK."

Please be aware that this quote was said under the influence if two pints of Newcastle Brown Ale.

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