September 4, 2007

Final Semester, Day One.

Just got back from that gaggle of humanity known as the "first day line." The first day line is, of course, the queue that forms at the university bookstore on the first day of the semester. Usually immediately following the conclusion of the first set of classes.

I wanted to get in, and get the fuck out, as quickly as possible. So I'm browsing the aisles for my Labor Econ class and see the price tag: $152.

Fuck that, I'm going on-line.

Lowest price on $115.

Found it at some site I never heard of before for $73.10 (including shipping). The internets rule!

On the other hand, I bought both of the books for my other class: Anti-Americanism. Boy this is gonna be fun because one of them from that a-hole Noam Chomsky. Speaking of which, it's the same book that that nitwit Hugo Chavez held up at the UN.

Yes, Professor Kim Sheinbaum, perhaps the most right-wing professor at Rutgers-Camden, has Chomsky on her reading list. I'm looking forward to her rants already!

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