August 27, 2007

Oh Great, We have 17 more Sunday Nights of this Nitwit to put up with.

The Infamous, Deplorable, Keith Olbermann™ is a South Park episode waiting to happen. Here he is defending the equally Infamous, Deplorable, Michael Vick during halftime of last night's Eagles-Steelers pre-season game.

Apparently, NBC turned the pre-game show over to Olby for a "Special Edition" of Meltdown Countdown. Fortunately for those of us in Eagle-land, NBC10 had the good sense to preempt Bathtub Boy to present something that looked like a football pre-game show. (Although I don't see what Vai Sikahema and Kevin Curtis going to church has to do with football.)

But fear not. Matt Drudge and Olbermann Watch are on the case!

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