August 20, 2007

Life Update

The Quest for a David Beckham LA Galaxy Jersey

My parents do a lot of travelling, and they always bring me back a souvenir -- usually a soccer jersey (if they go overseas) or a baseball cap (if they stay in the US). Over the years, I've built up quite an impressive collection of soccer jerseys and baseball hats.

So right before they left for California a couple of weeks ago, they asked me what I wanted.

"Mom, I want a David Beckham LA Galaxy jersey."

So this past Wednesday, I went to pick up my parents from the airport. They told me tales of an entire wall of David Beckham LA Galaxy jerseys on display at the Sports Authority in Temecula, California. But did they remember pick one up in a size 2XL for me? Ummm, No.

I got San Diego Padres T-Shirt -- which is exactly what they got me when they visited Uncle Jimmy in San Diego last year!

Fortunately, The Sports Authority in Deptford let me return the Padres shirt, and I got $19.40 cash. (Would you believe they have sales tax on clothing in California?)

I then went down the street to Dick's, plunked down $80, and got my David Beckham LA Galaxy Jersey. So I'm happy.

If you think Health Care is Expensive Now...

On Thursday, me and my Uncle Robert picked up my grandfather from the rehab center in Berlin. Rehabing what, I still don't know. All-in-all, he spent nine days in the hospital, and another fifteen days in rehab. I think I was there for fourteen of those fifteen days.

The last few days were tough on the old man -- but not for the reasons you would think. He should have been out of that place a week earlier. But they kept him anyway.

Why would they keep him an extra week you ask? Because, Medicare was paying for it.

There was absolutely no reason for him to have been in that rehab center for as long as they kept him. But when the taxpayer is stuck with the bill, who gives a shit!

Listen to Uncle Miltie, and learn...

Keep that in mind when you cast your ballot for President next year.

The Most Depressing Road in South Jersey

One thing that I won't miss is the drive down the White Horse Pike to the rehab center. Once you get east of the Lindenwold train station, to approximately the intersection with Berlin-Cross Keys Road, the Pike is just a big low-life zone.

Abandoned strip-malls. Boarded-up restaurants. Check cashing agencies in place of regular banks. Liquor stores. Crappy apartment buildings. Vacant lots.

Lindenwold, New Jersey: Not as bad as Camden, but still not all that great either.

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July 22, 2007

Hospitals are depressing.

The most depressing place on Earth has got to be a hospital. Sickness and death everywhere. I don't know how my dad can stand working at a place like that. I probably couldn't last more than five minutes working at a hospital.

For much of the last week my eighty-five-year-old grandfather has been incarcerated at Virtua hospital in Voorhees. It's a long, complicated story and I'll spare you the details; but he's got a problem going "number two."

He's still his feisty, crotchety, old self, but it's a little sad seeing the ol' man in that condition. I know this isn't "The End," but still...

If there's one thing I'm absolutely sure of it's this: when I get this old (if I get that old), this is NOT how I want to live.